Poultry Farming in South Africa

Here at Smart Farming Technologies cc we specialize in poultry/chicken farming. For that, we also provide high-tech chicken farming equipment and for all poultry.

Our Poultry Farming Overview

  • We specialize in agricultural turnkey projects, for livestock and poultry markets, since 1989.
  • We have extensive experience in the international poultry and livestock sector.
  • We Erect thousands of square meters of housing each year.
  • Cooperating with world-leading livestock and poultry equipment suppliers.

 Our Farming and Poultry Equipment Benefits

  • Environmentally controlled closed housing with independent microclimates.
  • Biosecurity solution for avian influenza.
  • Saving on infrastructure.
  • Energy efficient solution.
  • Low mortality rate.
  • Better feed efficiency.
  • 1 kg more egg mass per layer per year.
  • Prefabricated and modular housing with schedule and budget control.
  • Environmentally friendly housing and systems.
  • Poultry manure solution.
  • Automation system with computerized control.
  • Remote control housing.
  • Systems training with professionals.
  • Highly durable with minimum maintenance.
  • Highly cost-effective and ROI.

Poultry and Chicken layers farms

Our integration projects consist of:

  • Annual production capacity.
  • Project scope.
  • Project Locations.


The locations of the integration of objects are highly significant for:

  • Preventing poultry contagion.
  • Easy for market distribution.
  • Easy for raw materials conveyance.

The objects recommended locations:
-Layers complex – pullets farms and layer farm should be located 1 km from each other. The location of the different integrated objects should take into consideration technological and economic aspects. The locations of the integration of objects are highly significant for:
-Preventing poultry contagion.
-Easy for market distribution.
-Easy for raw materials conveyance.

Pullets Farms

Broilers Integration Project

Company Profile

-Specializing in agricultural turnkey projects, for the poultry and livestock markets, since 1989.
-Extensive experience with the international poultry and livestock sector.
-Erecting thousands of square meters of housing each year.
-Cooperating with world leading poultry and livestock equipment suppliers.

Integration Project

Our integration projects are comprised of several aspects:
-Annual production capacity.
-Project scope.
-Project locations.


The locations of the integration objects are highly significant because:
-Prevent poultry cross infection.
-Ease of access to market.
-Ease of raw materials conveyance.

The object’s recommended locations:

Breeding complex – pullets farms and breeding farms should be located 5km from each other.
Broiler farms – should be located 2.5 km from each other.
Hatchery – should be located 3 km from any farm.
Feed mill – should be ideally be located near a railway and not too far from the broiler farms. If the breeder complex is far, a small feed mill for the breeders might be needed.
Slaughter house – should be located next to the main target market.

The location of the different integration objects should take into consideration technological and economic aspects.

Feed Mill

The feed mill is comprised of a number of elements, each of them modular:
-Grain storage
-Vertical storage
-Silo storage
-Grain storage
-Grain intake system
-Portioning and weighing system
-Grain crushing and grinding system

Pelletising system includes:

-thermal treatment system for prevention of salmonella
-Steam mixer and conditioner
-Pellet mill
-Pellet crumble
-System for oil spray on pellets
-Storage system for prepared feed rations
-Truck loading system
-Bagging machine (optional, as per requirement)
-Energy centre – electricity / steam
-Storage facility for feed additives
-Portioning system for feed additives

Chicken (dressed broilers)

Shelf life:
-Raw chicken products sold chilled for frozen.
-Chilled in standard pack, 5 days maximum shelf life.
-Chilled in modified atmosphere (map) pack, 9-10 days max. Shelf life.
-Frozen chicken or parts – 1 year shelf life.
-Chicken m.d.m, if quick frozen 6 month shelf life.
-Will comply with national and international food quality and safety standards.

Breeding Farms

Broilers Equipment and Farms


Slaughter House

Rendering Plant

Waste Water Treatment

To Be Considered

Indicated budget does not included the following:
-Concrete works
-Goods transportation (trucks & different vehicles) from the factory to the destination point.
-Local fees, duties, taxes and VAT.
-Supervisor accommodation.
-Local assembly team.
-Cranes, tools etc.
-Return capital

For more information please contact Amos Krisi at Smart Farming Technologies.