Soil Solution Extractor Kit

The Soil Solution Extractor – Concept

The Soil Solution Extractor which was invented by Mr. J Mottes in 1975 has created a new concept in monitoring plant nutrient requirements. The main idea is to enable the user to draw the soil solution directly from the plant’s root zone and carry out immediate tests, on the spot. This concept provides growers with all the necessary information on plant nutrient requirements. The benefit is in providing reliable in-field testing, in real-time, by drawing a solution from a set of locations throughout the plant’s entire growth period. This procedure provides growers with in-depth information on all soil fluctuations such as: Electric Conductivity, Nitrate & Nitrite, Chloride, Potassium, Phosphate, Water Hardness and pH.

All these tests organized in a compact and handy test kit case: The Agri Ferti Lab

This is a very helpful and practical set which enables growers to easily check, and receive results rapidly on-site without the need for special skills.



The Main Advantages of the System

  • Simple operation by user, which doesn’t require any preliminary know-how or special skill.
  • The data is received in graphic form, reading in milliBars, and is available anytime anywhere, on PC or Smartphone.
  • A cost-effective investment affording the user assistance in saving water, detecting irrigation faults, and significantly improving yields and quality thereof.
  • the Mottes Tensio-System enables the grower to irrigate the right way!


The Mottes Extractor’s Main Features

  • High quality porous ceramic caps, which enable superior sensitivity in drawing high volumes of soil solution in short time intervals.
  • The ceramic caps are duly made of inert materials, which are not effected by the incoming fertilizers. Thus, all values of the test results remain exceptionally accurate and reliable.
  • Compact and efficient structure which assures easy operation and many years of usage
  • High reliability due to the Mottes quality control system.