greenhouse farming

Here at Smart Farming Technologies CC we create high technology greenhouses for farming. We make them in any size from mini greenhouses to enormous commercial size structures for any kind of plant farming.
When it comes to greenhouses we are specialists in the fields of designing the perfect greenhouse for your needs and property, constructing it, providing and installing all the latest technologies needed. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, but we have a team ready to come to anywhere you wish to build a greenhouse.

Greenhouse Farming

commercial greenhouse farming

Let’s quickly go over what a greenhouse is and what greenhouse farming can do for you and then we will show you the different types of greenhouses that we can build for you.

Greenhouse farming is done in a structure that has walls and a roof which is mainly made out of transparent material so the plants are exposed to sunlight. Having the plants inside a structure also protects them from extreme weather and temperature conditions. Being able to control the conditions inside the greenhouse you can optimize the growth and harvest of plants.

What are the different kinds of greenhouses?

1) Bulgaria Tunnel Greenhouse
2) Carmel Greenhouse
3) Edom Greenhouse
4) Gilboa Greenhouse
5) Golan Greenhouse
6) Hermon Greenhouse
7) Net Greenhouse
8) Meron Greenhouse
9) Sinai Greenhouse
10) Star Multished Greenhouse
11) Tavor Greenhouse

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have or to discuss your greenhouse project idea with us. We are here to help.