Freshwater Fish Farming In South Africa

Here is a gallery of some fresh water fish produced with our cage fish farming and aquaculture projects.


fresh water fish, carp
Freshwater Carp
fresh water fish, striped mullet
Freshwater Striped Mullet
fresh water fish, tilapia
Freshwater Tilapia
fresh water fish, african catfish
Freshwater African Catfish
fresh water fish, barramundi cod
Freshwater Barramundi Cod
fresh water fish, eel
Freshwater Eel
fresh water fish, trout
Freshwater Trout
fresh water fish, yellow perch
Freshwater Yellow Perch
fresh water fish, pangasius shark catfish
Freshwater Pangasius Shark Catfish

















Freshwater Fish Farming

If you want to get started with freshwater fish farming for catfish, bass, carp, trout or other fish, please contact us for more information. We can get you started with a high producing and profitable fish farm. We can also help you with all the freshwater fish farming equipment you need to get started in South Africa.