A Comparison


Mottes Tensiometer


Method and Principle of operation

Measures the suction force of the plant’s roots to extract water from soil.
scientific measurement method which is suitable to any type of soil & plant.

Measures the percent volumetric water content in the ground.
Measurement method which need special preliminary calibration at any type of soil.

Measurement display type

Continues water tension measurement with friendly web interface available at any smart phone on line.

Continues water content measurement displayed on a special dedicated computer.


Easy and simple.

Professional installation is needed.


Instant response to water tension changes.

Slow response to water content changes.


Very high stability, over 10 years of usage in the field.

Very sensitive in normal use up to 1-2 years only.


Automatic temperature compensation.

Effected by temperature and sun radiation.


GSM without browsing.


The concept of measurement

Significant added value which reflect the roots system potential and the plant health.

Measure the soil water content only.

Energy & maintenance

Energy efficient working method with low maintenance – the batteries can be replaced once the season.

Relatively short and one-time battery life.


Continuous and stable information flow even under low transmission & reception

Needs good transmission conditions.