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Hermon Greenhouse

Hermon Greenhouse

Here you will find specifications for the Hermon greenhouse variant.

Hermon greenhouse Hermon greenhouse


Spring: for maximum micro-climate conditions
Ventispring: for improved natural ventilation

Spans: 8 m up to 9.6 m, arches every 4 m
Height: Gutter up to 4.5 m
Top: 3.4 m above gutter
Length: 28 m up to 100 m

Structure: Steel prefabricated elements, hot dip galvanized, to be assembled on site.
Covering: Usually with polyethylene film, 100-200 mic., U.V., I.R., single or double layer.
Wind load: Up to 150 km/h.
Weight load: Up to 25 kg/m2.

Suitable and recommended for all vegetable crops as well as for flowers, house plants, and vineyards.

Trellising for vegetables
Inflated double layer polyethylene covering
Cooling pads
Heating systems
Wall and roof windows curtains, motorized or manual
Thermal screen
Irrigation system
Climate control
Growing and rooting benches

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